Design Model (UML)

The set of UML diagrams is called the Design(UML) Model. Generally, Class and Sequence diagrams are developed and referred to in the application.

    1. Usecase Diagram: Shows relation between actors and usecases. It used to identify access rights of an Actor over a usecase.

    2. Class Diagram: Define the basic structure of classes. Class diagrams are used to defined Table schema.

      1. DTO Class Diagram

      2. DAO Class Diagram

      3. Service Class Diagram

      4. Action Class Diagram

      5. Exception Class Diagram

      6. Utility Class Diagram

    3. Sequence Diagram: It shows the interaction between components (objects) to implement a usecase. It maintains time and order. It is used to identify classes and their methods.

    4. High-Level Sequence Diagram (HLD

    5. Low-Level Sequence Diagram (LLD)

    6. Package Diagram: Shows dependency between different packages. It is used to do impact analysis in case of a change request.

    7. Deployment Diagram: Shows hardware on which application components are deployed. It shows protocols by which this hardware is communicated.

    8. Modules


Q: Which UML diagrams have you created in your application?

A: Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Usecase diagram, and deployment diagram.

Q: Which diagram is created first, class, or sequence?

A: Sequence diagram.

Q: How classes are identified?

A: With the help of a sequence diagram?

Q: How methods of classes are identified?

A: Using message calls of a sequence diagram.

Q: How many blocks are contained by the class diagram? What is contained by different blocks?


Q: Which diagram is used to eliminate unnecessary requirements?

A: Usecase diagram.

Q: Which diagram is used to create a table schema?

A: Class diagram.

Q: Which diagram does maintain time and order?

A: Sequence diagram.

Q: Who does use the Deployment Diagram?

A: System Engineers use the Deployment diagram.

Q: What is a Node in the deployment diagram?

A: Node denotes hardware machines in the deployment diagram.

Q: Who does create UML diagrams?

A: Senior Developers

Q: Which tool will be used to create UML diagrams?

A: Argo UML