Design Model (UML)

The set of UML diagrams is called the Design(UML) Model. Generally, Class and Sequence diagrams are developed and referred to in the application.


Q: Which UML diagrams have you created in your application?

A: Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Usecase diagram, and deployment diagram.

Q: Which diagram is created first, class, or sequence?

A: Sequence diagram.

Q: How classes are identified?

A: With the help of a sequence diagram?

Q: How methods of classes are identified?

A: Using message calls of a sequence diagram.

Q: How many blocks are contained by the class diagram? What is contained by different blocks?


Q: Which diagram is used to eliminate unnecessary requirements?

A: Usecase diagram.

Q: Which diagram is used to create a table schema?

A: Class diagram.

Q: Which diagram does maintain time and order?

A: Sequence diagram. 

Q: Who does use the Deployment Diagram?

A: System Engineers use the Deployment diagram.

Q: What is a Node in the deployment diagram?

A:  Node denotes hardware machines in the deployment diagram.

Q: Who does create UML diagrams?

A: Senior Developers 

Q: Which tool will be used to create UML diagrams?

A:  Argo UML