Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools are used to track the progress of the project and enforce quality checks on project

  1. Project Plan (.mpp) ( MS Project )

  2. Bug Tracker (FDTS)

    1. New Tasks, Bugs, and Change requests are assigned by FDTS.

    2. Change request are the changes in existing functionality (usecase) suggested by Client. Change request is assigned by Project Lead

    3. New tasks are the new functionalities or usecases. It is assigned to a Developer by Project Lead

    4. Bugs are deviations in code implementation from the actual usecase. It is assigned to the Developer by Tester.

    5. alternate most popular bug tracking tools are JIRA and Bugzilla

  3. Version Control Tool

    1. Git

    2. SVN

  4. MeldMerge ( It is an open-source free tool to code comparison and merges. It compares two or three files or folders.

  5. Argo UML

  6. Maven: It is used to create a build. It is configured by pom.xml.

  7. Time Sheet Management: The timesheet is filled in ERP application of the company.

  8. Postman: It is use to test the Rest APIs download

>Make sure all above tools are installed and working at your machine


Q: How do you compare and merge your code?

A: using MeldMerge tool

Q: How your project tracking is done

A: Using the project plan.

Q: When do you compare your code?

A: Before check-in new code in GIT

Q: How tasks/bugs/change-request are assigned to you?

A: Using the FDTS (Bug Tracker) tool

Q: What are the difference between Change requests and Bugs?

Q: How do you create UML diagrams?

A: Using Argo UML tool

Q: How many times do you fill up the timesheet?

A: Once in a day, before leaving the day.