Role and Responsibilities

    1. Business Analyst

      1. Requirement gathering

      2. Create Usecase Board

    2. Project Manager

      1. Create Project Plan

      2. Mange Project

    1. Architect

      1. System Architecture Document

      2. Create POC ( Proof Of Concept)

    1. DBA

      1. Create Database Model

    1. Project Lead

      1. Lead the project

      2. Control quality

      3. Manage Technical issues

      4. Participate in critical Usecase development

    1. Technical Lead

      1. Create Project coding guideline

      2. Create code review checklist

    1. Sr. Software Engineer ( Sr. Developer)

      1. Develop Usecases

      2. Develop Design Model

      3. Module Lead

  1. Software Engineer (Developer)

    1. I am a full stack developer, My responsibilities are to develop code, develop unit test-cases, and peer code review .

    2. Deployment Lead

      1. Develop ANT build script

      2. Create Build and deploy and QA Server

      3. Run JUnit Testsuite

    3. QA Engineers ( Testers )

      1. Functional Testing

      2. System Integration Testing ( SIT)

      3. Load Testing using Load Runner

    1. HTML Designer

      1. Design Usecase HTML pages


Q: How do you do unit testing

A: Unit testing is done by JUnit test cases.

Q: What is full stack developer

A: I can write code in Angular and Spring.

Q: How do you do code review?

A: With the help of a code-review checklist we do code review. It is done to control quality of code.