Testcase Model (.xls)

The set of Testcases is called Test-case Model. These are xls files contains test case scenarios.Testcases are prepared by Testers (QA Engineers ) in Elaboration phase.

There are three types of test cases:

    1. Functional Testing (FT): It is done manually with the help of functional test cases.

    2. System Integration Testing (SIT): tests the integration of Applications with other applications or hardware. For example integration with SMS and Email servers.

    3. Load Testing: done by Load testing tools like Load Runner to test the number of concurrent users.

Functional Test-cases

  1. Login Testcase

  2. User Registration Testcase

  3. User List Testcase

  4. Add User Testcase

  5. Edit User Testcase


  1. Which types of testing are done in your project?

      1. See above

  2. How do you do functional testing?

      1. Using functional test cases

  1. What is a functional testcase?

    1. It is used to do functional testing. Functional testcases are written by testers.

  1. Who does functional testing?

      1. QA Engineer

  1. What is the extension of the test case?

      1. Excel file

  1. Who does Unit Testing

      1. Unit testing is done by Developers

  1. How Unit testing is done?

    1. It is done by JUnit testcases.

  1. Where do you store test cases?

      1. Git

  1. Who writes a functional test case?

      1. Created by Testers (QA Engineer)

  1. What is stored in the functional testcase

      1. A test case contains

      2. Test case Scenario

      3. Input Data

      4. Preconditions

      5. Expected Result

      6. Actual Result

      7. Status (Pass /Fail)