Agile is a software engineering methodology followed by modern applications.

RUP Vs Agile

Q: What is Agile? 

A: Agile is a software engineering methodology followed by modern applications.

Q: How do you record application functionalities?

A: We record (write) functionalities using User Story.  Functionalities are further divided into tasks.

Q: What is Sprint?

A: It is an iteration in Agile.  One application has multiple sprints.

Q:  What is contained by a Sprint?

A:  Spring contains User Story.

Q:  In how many days one sprint is completed?

A:  In our project sprint is for 15 days. 

Q: What is done in Sprint?

A: In the sprint, multiple user stories are developed.  

Q: What is a User Story?

A: It is a usecase that contains functionality and tasks.

Q:  How do you estimate the time of a task?  ( One task will take how much time to complete )

A:  Task is estimated in points.  One point contains 8 hours.  For example, if one task will take 24 hours to complete then the task will be completed in 3 (24/8=3) points.

Q: Who is the scrum master?

A: Scrum Master is basically Project Lead who follows the agile process and makes sure the team is also following the agile process.

Q: Who is the product owner?

A: Product owner is a Business Analyst or Sr QA engineer that has domain knowledge of the project and acts on behalf of the Client.

Q: When do you have a stand-up meeting 

A: Team has a stand-up meeting every morning and evening.  In the morning we have to tell what tickets/bugs we have to resolve today and evening we have to give them status. 

Q: Is the client present in your stand-up meeting 

A: Yes, sometimes in the morning when he has to describe new functionalities and every day in the evening stand up meeting for status.

Q: What are the differences between Uasecase and User Story? 

A: Both are the same.