Agile is a software engineering methodology followed by modern applications.

RUP Vs Agile

    1. Sprint contains User Story

    2. User Story contains Tasks

    3. Tasks estimation is done in points

    4. One point contains 8 hours

Q: What is Agile?

A: Agile is a software engineering methodology followed by modern applications.

Q: How do you record application functionalities?

A: We record (write) functionalities using User Story. Functionalities are further divided into tasks.

Q: What is Sprint?

A: It is an iteration in Agile. One application has multiple sprints.

Q: What is contained by a Sprint?

A: Spring contains User Story.

Q: In how many days one sprint is completed?

A: In our project sprint is for 15 days.

Q: What is done in Sprint?

A: In the sprint, multiple user stories are developed.

Q: What is a User Story?

A: It is a usecase that contains functionality and tasks.

Q: How do you estimate a task?

A: Task is estimated in points. One point contains 8 hours.

Q: Who is the scrum master?

A: Scrum Master is basically Project Lead who follows the agile process and makes sure the team is also following the agile process.

Q: Who is the product owner?

A: Product owner is a Business Analyst or Sr QA engineer that has domain knowledge of the project and acts on behalf of the Client.

Q: When do you have a stand-up meeting

A: Team has a stand-up meeting every morning and evening. In the morning we have to tell what tickets/bugs we have to resolve today and evening we have to give them status.

Q: Is the client present in your stand-up meeting

A: Yes, sometimes in the morning when he has to describe new functionalities and every day in the evening stand up meeting for status.

Q: What are the differences between Uasecase and User Story?

A: Both are the same.