Project documents are called project artifacts. Some documents are one-time documents and some artifacts are created for each functionality.

One Time Documents

    1. Project Plan (.mpp): created by the project manager (.mpp)

    2. System Architecture Document (.doc):

      1. It contains application architecture details. It is created by "Technical Architect"

    3. Java Coding Guideline (.doc):

      1. It tells us how to code in java. It is created by the technical lead. It is a word document file.

    1. Project Coding Guideline (.doc):

      1. It tells us how to code in our application as per architecture. It is created by the technical lead. It is an MS doc file.

    1. Code Review Checklist (.xls):

      1. It is created on the basis of the Project Coding Guideline.

      2. It makes sure that project developers must follow project coding guidelines. This way it controls the quality of code.

      3. It is used to do code review.

      4. Code review is done by PEER DEVELOPER after completion of a functionality (Usecase/ Use Story).

      5. Code receive checklist is filled by peer-developer and check-in into GIT.

    1. Code receive checklist is created by Tech Lead to control the quality of code.

    2. POC ( Proof Of Concept ): POC is the source code implementation of a critical use case. It is developed by Project Lead with the help of the Architect as per project coding guidelines and system architecture documents. It is approved (sign-off) by the Client and referred by all Developers to develop code of other use cases.

Documents are given to the developer for new functionality:


Q1: What are the artifacts?

A1: Project documents are artifacts.

Q2: When new functionality is assigned to you which artifacts will be given to you?


Q: How do you control the quality of code?

A: With the help of a coding review.

Q: How do you do code review?

A: With the help of a code review checklist.

Q: What is the extension of the code review checklist?

A: it excel file

Q: Where do you store all the above artifacts?

A3: in the GIT, code versioning tool.

Q: How do you get all these documents?

A3: From the GIT

Q: What is the POC?