Project documents are called project artifacts.   Some documents are one-time documents and some artifacts are created for each functionality.

One Time Documents

Documents are given to the developer for new functionality:


Q1:  What are the artifacts?

A1:  Project documents are artifacts. 

Q2:  When new functionality is assigned to you which artifacts will be given to you?


Q: How do you control the quality of code?

A: With the help of a code review.

Q: How do you do code review?

A: With the help of a code review checklist.

Q: What is the extension of the code review checklist?

A: it excel file

Q:  Where do you store all the above artifacts?

A3:   in the GIT, code versioning tool.

Q:  How do you get all these documents?

A3:  From the GIT

Q: What is the POC?