Usecase Model ( .doc)

It is the functional requirement of the application. One functionality is recorded in one use-case. During the use case elaboration, the use-case team communicates to concerning actors (in-person/ conference call) and records use case flows and business rules in the MS Word doc template.

The collection of use-cases is called Usecase Model.

A Usecase is called User Story in Agile methodology

One Usecase contains one functionality. It is given to developers to develop the source code.

College Module

  1. AddCollegeUsecase.doc

  2. EditCollegeUsecase.doc

  3. CollegeListUsecase.doc

Student Module

  1. AddStudentUsecase.doc

  2. EditStudentUsecase.doc

  3. StudentListUsecase.doc

Marksheet Module

  1. AddMarksheetUsecase.doc

  2. EditMarksheetUsecase.doc

  3. GetMarksheetUsecase.doc

  4. MarksheetListUsecase.doc

  5. MarksheetMeritListUsecase.doc

User Module

  1. LoginUsecase.doc

  2. MyProfileUsecase.doc

  3. UserListUsecase.doc

  4. UserRegistrationUsecase.doc

  5. AddUserUsecase.doc

  6. EditUserUsecase.doc


  1. WelcomeUsecase.doc

Usecase realization :

When UML diagrams of a Usecase are created then it is called Usecase realization.


    1. What is Usecase?

    2. What is contained by a Usecase?

    3. What is the extension of the Usecase file?

    4. What are the actors?

    5. How many types of Actors are there?

    6. What is the difference between Basic Flow and Alternate Flow?

    7. Where do you keep your Usecases?

    8. Who creates Usecases?

    9. What is the Usecase Model?

    10. What is the Usecase Board?

    11. What is Usecase realization?

    12. What are the differences between Usecase and User story?

      1. Ans: Both are the same

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